In the News

Associated Press. “Calling all scientists: Experts volunteer for virus fight." (03.30.20)

Ologies with Alie Ward podcast. “All (washed) hands on deck." (03.21.20)

PNAS. “Molecular biologists offer “wartime service” in the effort to test for COVID-19." (04.02.20)

The Harvard Crimson. “Harvard postdoc launches national COVID-19 research volunteer database." (04.01.20)

Noticias Telemundo. “Científicos altruistas ofrecen apoyo en medio de la crisis del COVID-19." (05.21.20)

The Picower Institute. “Closing social distance with social media by highlighting a volunteer science movement." (05.29.20)

WIS News 10. Columbia restaurant owner helps others in the industry learn safe practices directly from experts (06.18.20)

COVID-19: Population Testing vs. Thoughts and Prayers? (06.30.20)

University of Dallas. A Faculty Summer: Dr. Toby’s Fight Against COVID-19 (08.24.20)

COVID-19 STAT. Thousands of Volunteer Scientists Mobilize to Provide Potentially Valuable Resource for Clinical Laboratories (10.07.20)

William Patterson University. WP Business Analytics Professor Volunteers as Data Scientist in the Fight Against COVID-19 (12.23.20)