How do I add my information to the scientist volunteer database?
We would love to have you. Please add your information HERE.

What is the purpose of the database?
Our plan is to create a national database of scientists located in the United States who are ready and willing to deploy their advanced skills, expertise, and access to reagents/equipment towards the fight against COVID-19 in their local communities. The goal is to distribute this database to organizations, state/county health officials, universities, and hospitals throughout the country looking for assistance in recruitment efforts as they scale up testing capacities. In other words, we are simultaneously centralizing by aggregating our nation’s talent pool into one database and de-centralizing by dispersing access of the database to those who can turn our energy into concrete action at the local level.

What information is included in the database?
The database includes the following: basic contact information, location (zip code + state), skill set (e.g. RNA extraction, qPCR, ELISA), and availability of critical COVID-19 testing reagents for donation (RNA extraction kits, general equipment).

Who will have access to the database?
The database will be shared with key contacts throughout the country. This includes decision makers in state/county health departments, universities, and hospitals who are looking to recruit skilled scientists for COVID-19 testing and other disease-related tasks OR attempting to acquire the equipment/reagents required for testing. This database will also be shared with select scientists and health care specialists trying to organize at the local level. For more information, please read about our approval process for granting full database access and our terms of use.

Who currently has access to the database?
A version of the database without publicly identifiable information is available HERE to help public health officials identify local volunteers and assets. An updated list of groups and organizations that have access to the full database can be found HERE.

I am a decision maker for a hospital/university/government agency looking for access to this database—how do I do this?
To request access to this database, please fill out this form. We will reach out to you as soon as possible to discuss data access options. We work to process requests quickly, however, in the meantime you can view volunteers and assets HERE to see what is available and make specific requests.

I run my own laboratory—how do I use it for testing?
We suggest contacting the leaders of your respective institution to determine if efforts are underway to convert labs to testing facilities. There are currently significant barriers to obtaining permissions to run tests, and these restrictions will differ dramatically based on your institution and state laws. If you run a laboratory and want to join an effort to solve the policy barriers in your state let us know here.

Why haven’t I been contacted yet by my state/county/university COVID-19 testing facility?
It is our hope that every single one of you get the opportunity to use your advanced skills in the fight against this outbreak. However, it is likely that a vast majority of you will never be called upon for various reasons. It could be because your local testing facilities are already well-staffed and/or at capacity, or because testing is not being expanded in your area. It is also possible that your state or local institution will have testing regulations that exclude you from the potential pool of testers. All we can guarantee is that we are doing our best to distribute your contact information to the health officials and organizations in your area so that they can contact you if/when needed.

I am already organizing in my area—how do I coordinate with national organizing efforts?
Please contact us at COVID19SciVolunteers+organizer@gmail.com so we can add you to the growing list of local organizing groups and discuss ways to work together.

I would like to start organizing in my area—how do I begin?
Please check this updated list of active groups. If you do not see your community on the list, contact us at COVID19SciVolunteers+organizer@gmail.com and we can discuss community-building strategies.

I want to edit my response or remove my information from the database—how do I do this?
After completing the intake form, you should receive an email confirmation from Google Forms. This email includes an “Edit Response” button that allows you to amend your submission.